1. What are some things that I can ask about?
Depeding on what stage in the application process you are, you can ask various questions. You could ask about generic advice/review on your SOP, LORs and Resumes. You could/should ask for advice on research oppurtinites. Ask about which professors are actively recruiting students. Most of the professors' websites are pretty much out of date. This makes your application outdated, so this forum might prove to be a useful oppurtinity to get the right information.

2. How will I get connected to the right person?
Currently, I am using a simple spreadsheet to record and match you and your interests to a senior(I personally know or is a second level connection of mine) has taken a similar path (similar research interests, same school, same background). While filling the intake form, you could mention if you want any specific requests and I will try to arrange for the same.

3. Why do this?
There are a lot of resources online, various classes and guidance programs for selecting the right school. However, based on my personal expereince and from what I have discussed with a lot of folks who attended them, I have come to a conclusion (which is just my opinon and might not be universally true - )
Most of the classes which recommend a university do it solely based on your GRE score. This approach seems like an incorrect thing to do, since a Masters degree is usally more than just academics. The best way to gain a wholesome experience for Masters would be if your interests are in line with the school you choose, the program you attend. professors you collaborate with and the courses you pick.
I made a decision on my school after talking to a lot of seniors in various schools and I think it personally helped me make the right choice. Furthermore, their opinion helped me pick a right track for grad school which made my master's journey more fulfilling, exciting and less cumbersome!

4. Contribution questions
I think the contribution guidelines enforces a good filter on the amount of queries that I can answer, and it also makes everyone who is giving advice to put in their best effort in helping out. It also serves as a good incentive to return to this forum and keep helping juniors out. However if you think the amount is too high, or for some reason you are not able to meet it, do mention so in the form, and I would still try my best to help you out.

Recommended Donations :
SOP/LOR Feedback - Rs 100 and above
Personalised Advices - Rs 200 and above

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