MS in US queries

Abhinuv Pitale

The process of applying for admissions can be daunting and a tiring process which involves set of convulted steps and decisions which can be over-whelming. Even after arriving at the university of your choice, there are a loads of questions that you might have. As somebody who was in a similar state, I understand this confusion and would like to help you make that process easier.

Despite the numerous materials available on the web, this process can be extremely different for everyone since each one of us has a different set of achievements, skills and hence a different SOP. However, in my opinon there is more to it than just a different SOP. Each one of us is applying from a very different viewpoint and hence needs advice that is tailored towards that.

This is a social experiment that I am going to try out, wherein in for advice, review and other such requests with respect to admissions, I will try to connect you with a person who has been on a similar path. In exchange for her/his advice you would make a small donation to a charity of his/her choice. This donation serves the dual purpose of filtering out legit queries as well as reducing the number of questions and connections that I can make on the limited out of time that I have.

What are some queries we can help/advice you on?
- SOP/LOR reviews
- University Coursework/ Research oppurtinities
- RA/TA options, Scholarships
- Finance related questions

1. Fill out this form so that I know what you sort of advice you are seeking. Intake
2. Based on what your request is, I will email you with contact and appointment(Skype, if required) details of the person and the charity of her/his choice.
3. I request you to make the donation before you contact the person.


Charities you might want to contribute to.

Link for seniors who want to help out in this program!

A special thanks to Nidhi Javalagi and Ruta Gokhale for helping me with this experiment!