About me

I ♥ technology, and am passionate about developing the tech of tomorrow.

I have completed my Masters in Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, where I dabbled in neuroscience research with Prof Sujith Vijayan on Brain Machine Interface. I am currently working on building an autonomous electric air taxi at Wisk Aero. Previously, I have interned at a silicon valley startup which makes flying taxis and also at an early phase startup creating 6G comms app using deep learning.

Personally, I am interested in the field of Robotics, Machine Learning and Automation.
I like making cool stuff with a raspberry-pi, playing the piano, and contributing to open source!


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Work Experience.




Spring 2019

Real Time Operating Systems
Career Developement - Professional
Experimental Robotics (Audit)

Spring 2018

Wearable and Ubiquitous Computing
Virtual Enviornment
Advanced Parallel Computing
Electronic Design Automation

Fall 2017

Computer Vision
Data Analytics
Network Architechture and Protocols

Undergrad - Relevant

Digital Image Processing
Automotive Engineering
Speech and Audio Processing
Control Systems

Fun Stuff

List of all the books I have read ....

A cool map tracking all the places I have been to!

I play the piano and love to travel on the weekends!

For more on grad life, listen to this silly impromptu song we made.

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